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“Content about Content Hub”- SCHEMA DESIGN

“Content about Content Hub” is a blog series about my experience with learning the implementing Content Hub.

The Sitecore Content Hub™ is a single integrated solution to manage content Lifecycle to be delivered across multiple diverse channels. The different types of content available are assets, entities, products, projects etc and to manage all these we need to define the data schema.

In the first blog, I will explain what an entity is and how to create a new entity definition.


Sitecore provided different content types, for example, assets, products and a project, which in turn are called Entities in the Content Hub. They all have a different data structure and sometimes they are related to each other; either through entity relation or sometimes through taxonomy relation.

Each asset definition consists of various properties and relations that are offered by Sitecore as an out-of-the-box schema around asset definition.

See the existing entity definition

To see all available entity definitions in Sitecore Content Hub, we have the Schema option available on the Manage page.

Click on Schema Icon from the list

The overview page will display a list of all entity definitions which are present.

    Clicking on Show entities will open the particular entity and will show the properties available for the corresponding entity.

Create new Entity Definition

Most of the time we need to add more properties or need to create a new custom entity that can serve the purpose of business requirements. The Sitecore Content Hub provides the flexibility for the same. Here are the steps to create a custom Entity Definition

  • On the menu bar, click Manage à Schema page.
  • As shown in above screenshot, there is button on top right New definition (click on this and this will open New definition dialog window)
  • After entering definition name and clicking on Create, we must define members on the entity definition page.

Note – LoggedIn user must have the admin rights to create a custom entity

A note about Members

The properties and relations that are assigned to entity definition are called members. All members are clubbed under member groups, so it is necessary to create a member group before creating any member.

Create Member Groups

  • Open entity definition detail page by choosing an option of Show entities on Schema page.
  • Click New group and the following dialog will appear
  • Enter the information in each of the fields.
Field NameDescription
NameName of the member group. This will be used in the data model.
LabelThis will show how it will be displayed on UI. This is multilingual, so we need to specify the language as well by choosing from the dropdown menu.
SecuredIf the created relation needs to be restricted to specific users with proper rights, then toggle it On, otherwise, keep it off.

Once member groups are created, we need to add members to them. In my next blog, I will explain how to add properties to members, what are relations and taxonomies and how to add them to members. Watch this space…

Rekha is a Lead Sitecore Engineer with Assurex. Reach out to Rekha on LinkedIn


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