B2B Accelerator | Composable eCommerce

Assurex's B2B Accelerator for modern Commerce platforms

Fast Facts

  • The only accelerator to bring 50+ most asked-for B2B features
  • Manage B2B/B2C storefronts in a single instance of Sitecore
  • Seamlessly deploy on existing implementations of any modern platforms
  • Uses familiar user interfaces of the underlying platform
  • Modular
    • Deploy only the needed features
    • Add more features with minimal effort
    • Easy to maintain and independently upgradeable
  • Compatible with modern commerce platforms
    • Sitecore OrderCloud
    • BigCommerce
    • Optimizely
    • Commeretools
    • DynamicWeb

B2B Features

Exclusive Storefronts

Create dedicated storefronts with custom/exclusive catalogs to support large accounts or premium customers. At the backend, you will get custom configurations and views in the management studio

B2B Administration Cockpit

Use “Administration cockpit”, an extension to create and manage B2B relationships

Wholesale packaging and prices

Specify wholesale package sizes and prices at the product level, providing you with an option to sell in bulk

B2B user registration

Register customers with valid company codes and whitelisted email addresses. Manage customers in Business tools or in the 'cockpit'

Shared or Exclusive Catalog

Share a single catalog across multiple accounts or offer customised product catalog exclusive to an account

Account-specific pricing

Provide account customers with their own personalised product prices

Request and negotiate quotes

If enabled, account buyers can request quotes and start negotiations. Seller will see the account or storefront-level quotes in the business tools and respond to quotes. Messages exchanged between buyers and sellers are logged, allowing for real-time negotiations and audit

Account Credit Line

Assign credit limit at the organisation level or department level. Option to manually update the credit limit. Placing an order or payment of an invoice automatically updates the limit

Invoice Management

Generate invoices for the account and update statuses. A status update will update the credit limit of the account

Payments via Purchase Orders

Allow business customers to pay by providing the PO number, 3rd party payment providers, wire transfers. Once payment is made, it is applied to the invoice nearing the due date and credit limit is updated

Account Self-Service/Workflows

Allows account manager to manage business units, users, orders, invoices, negotiate/accept quotes, delegate admin responsibilities

Product Configurator

Business tools enhancements to allow merchandisers to define the configurations, prices, images, etc. Specify, if you want to render a textual or visual configurator. Works with B2B accelerator or OOB B2C storefront

Compliance and best practices

50+ plugins extend the OOB B2C solution Select and deploy only the features you need!

Features coming soon!

Auto-replenishment (Subscriptions)

Allows customer to schedule orders at specific intervals


Choose and configure a tax provider of your choice. Simple tax requirements? Configure and manage settings in Sitecore

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