Product Configurator | Sitecore Commerce

AssureX's Product Configurator for Sitecore Commerce B2B and B2C implementations


  • Add product configurator feature to an existing Sitecore Commerce implementation
  • Works with B2C storefront and Assurex’s B2B accelerator
  • Option to choose between textual or visual display at the front-end
  • Uses existing Sitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator
  • New business tools screens to allow for configuration and manage the orders
  • Easy to maintain and independently upgradeable
  • Works with all versions of 9.x series and version 10

Back-end enhancements

Define Configurable layers

A dashboard to allow you to define the configurable layers which then can be associated to the sellable items

Specify rendering method

Control if you want to render this configurator as a textual or visual configurator at the front-end. You can select this option individually for each sellable item or apply to all. The choice is yours.

Associate layers to sellable item

Allow you to associate the applicable layers to the sellable. Select from the pre-defined layers to maintain the consistency

Configure Layer Options

Select whether multiple selection is allowed, prices, images etc.

View and process configured ordered

The configured products need to be processed differently and a custom minion will help you implement your custom process, be it sending orders to different teams or external vendors, everything is possible.

Front-end enhancements

B2B or B2C

Works with SXA B2C storefront and compatible with our B2B accelerator. If you are are not using SXA, easily tweak it to work with your implementation.

Graphical or Textual Configurator

Render configurator textually or graphically based on the options selected at the back-end. If you allowed for multiple selections for an option, it will render as check-box, else as a radio button

Save Configuration

Allows customers to save the configured products and share them over the emails or other such services.

Request for Quote

B2B customer can request a quote for their configurations.

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