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AssureX® B2B Accelerator for Sitecore Commerce

Last year, I wrote about AssureX® and why we started this company to focus on commerce space. Within a short span of one year, we have come a long way in our journey.

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of AssureX® B2B accelerator for Sitecore® Commerce.

AssureX B2B Commerce Accelerator

B2B Commerce Accelerator is a set of ready to use Commerce plugins, allows you to jumpstart your B2B Commerce implementation and reap the benefits of Sitecore Commerce in the B2B world. These plugins can be rapidly deployed on any Sitecore Commerce implementation (Series 9.x, including existing) and allow customers to cut down the time to market and simplify GTM strategy.

Adding B2B Commerce accelerator to Sitecore Commerce provides customers with a rich set of features and capabilities to manage everyday B2B scenarios, like account management, custom catalogs, and pricing, invoice management, etc. To the end-users, it gives an ability to configure the products and to users with the appropriate rights, self-manage the relationship of their organisation.

Below is an overview of the features provided by the AssureX’s B2B Commerce Accelerator –

  • Customer Accounts
    Use customer cockpit, an extension to Sitecore Commerce Business Tools, to create customer accounts and manage B2B relationships
  • Custom Catalog
    Offer customised product catalog specific to the organisation
  • Custom pricing
    Offer a base price to every customer with an option to offer negotiated prices at different levels – B2B organisation, or department in the same partner organisation
  • Price Quotes
    Allow customers to request quotes for the cart value above a certain limit
  • Payment
    Allow business customers to pay via –
    1. Invoices – Allow customer to pay via invoices against the POs
    2. Payment providers – Use regular payment methods, cards, PayPal etc.
    3. Allow customers for pay invoices via wire transfers and automatically apply payments to invoices nearing due date
    4. Mark invoices ‘partially paid’ and increase credit accordingly See next
  • Credit management
    Set credit limit at the organisation level, department level and stop any orders above the credit limit. The credit limit automatically tops up once invoices are marked ‘paid’ or ‘partially paid’
  • Invoice management
    Generate invoices for the account and update statuses. A status update will update the credit limit of the account

We are adding more features as we go along. Below are the features under testing and will be released soon!

  • Product Configurator – Coming Soon!
    Allows merchandisers to specify the configuration available for a product and the product details page allowing customers to customise the product on the frontend
  • Account self-service – Coming Soon!
    Allows partner account manager to manage business units, budgets, users, purchase approvals etc.
  • Auto-replenishment (Subscriptions) – Coming Soon!

And now the technical details

  • Built using extension
    Assurex’s B2B accelerator is built as a set of plugins on top OOB Sitecore Commerce. Hence doesn’t affect any OOB functionality
  • Modular
    • Deploy to an existing B2C implementation with ease.
    • Deploy only the features you need, easily add more features as and when needed in the future
  • Upgradable
    Built as an extension to Sitecore® Commerce these plugins can be upgraded separately and deployed on newer versions
  • Uses SXA storefront
    All new components are SXA compliant, allows to you benefit from drag & drop and other features of SXA you love
  • Business tools configurations
    Configure different views for different accounts, attach different catalogs to the different storefronts in Content Editor
  • 9.x Compatible
    Works with all versions of Sitecore Commerce 9 series

Want to know more about our B2B accelerator? Schedule a demo with our team here

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