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Sitecore Commerce Marketing | Under the hood – Part 4

This is the last blog in the 4-blog series. In the previous three blogs, I highlighted what makes Sitecore Commerce a unique product in the market and how this uniqueness is achieved under the hood. The series is not complete unless we talk about the reports.

So far, we have learned how this data is captured and how Marketing Automation works. In this blog, let’s look at how reporting works in Sitecore Commerce. You can read the other three blogs in this series here

I will keep this short and try to explain stuff with the ‘Connect’ Configuration provided by Sitecore OOTB (Sitecore.Commerce.Orders.config)

Let us look at various aspects of this script

  1. It gets fired when the user submits the order. If you look at the screenshot, right after 1 there is a placeholder for the integration point this is where the actual implementation of the specific commerce system will be patched
  2. Once the order is submitted a Goal Named ‘Visitor Order Created’ is triggered
  3. Then several events are trigged like loyalty card purchase, gift card purchase, Stock status page events, etc.
    Please note that some of these features might not be available in Sitecore XC but irrespective of this the events get fired giving you the flexibility in case you extend the platform or integrate with another commerce platform
  4. Last, an outcome is triggered with ID {9016E456-95CB-42E9-AD58-997D6D77AE83} which is the ID of Product purchase outcome

The Reports

All this data collected during the user interaction is then used to generate the Commerce Specific reports in experience Analytics and Experience Profile.

Please note that this config executes at the Connect level and if you directly call the commerce APIs these events/goals will not get fired and your reports will not work.

With this, we come to an end of our 4-blog series this year. I hope you enjoyed reading them. Take care and stay safe!

External Reference – How to setup Commerce Marketing Automation Campaign

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