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Almost a month ago, I left Sitecore to found a new company, AssureX, focused on Sitecore Commerce.

I have been working with Sitecore Commerce for almost 3 years now and was leading the UK professional services for Sitecore. It was a great experience. Being a commerce specialist, I worked with a lot of clients/partners in the commerce space. One of the exciting parts of the job was to deliver commerce trainings. Most recently, the training teaser workshop at SUGCON EU and the Commerce + JSS talk at SUGCON EU and India intrigued a lot of developers. A large number of developers attending these session shows a considerable interest in the platform by the community.

Sitecore Commerce (XC) is a unique product in the market, built ground up to work with Sitecore XP. You can reap the benefits of digital marketing capabilities of Sitecore XP while enabling a contextual online shopping experience for customers. As it is rightly said, putting content and commerce in context.

What I like about Sitecore Commerce is – it is built for extension. Every business is unique and has unique business needs. You need a platform that can be customised and the final product is built specifically for your business, saving you the time & effort of maintaining bulky platforms with features you are not going to use. Hence, opt-in Complexity. It is a true headless platform if done right can allow you to use any front-end technology while retaining the benefits of Sitecore personalisation engine and presentation layer. This was demonstrated in my talks at SUGCON EU and India.

As with any other products, it must be done right with the people having the right skills. My experience shows that the project can fail miserably if the right skills are not utilised on the project.

The liking for the product and to fill the knowledge gap in the Sitecore Commerce Space are the reasons I founded AssureX.

AssureX provides the consultancy services for Sitecore Commerce which includes – Architectural Advisory, Implementation Assurance, Enablement (training), Security & Vulnerability Assessment and DevOps.We also have an offshore development team who can help with Commerce implementations.

Here is the brief description of the services we offer:

  1. Assure.Advice – An Architect specialised in Sitecore Commerce to help you get the best value from the platform. We can help with POCs, Architecture Assistance, Implementation guidance for developers. This also includes regular checks on your solution, assuring the solution is upgradable and built as per the recommended best practises.
  2. Assure.Implement – Commerce trained developers led by Sitecore Commerce Architect can help through the implementation journey. The team can implement commerce for you according to the recommended best practises. If you already have the team, our commerce developers can augment the team ensuring faster time to market and quality implementation.
  3. Assure.Enable – This service is focused on training the developers in Commerce and SXA. It focuses on getting started with Sitecore Commerce covering deployments, using storefront. It further covers the advanced topics and real-life scenarios for developing with Commerce, extending Commerce, minions, integration etc.
  4. Assure.Secure – This service offers security and vulnerability assessment using the methodologies taken from industry best practises.
  5. Assure.Ops – We provide DevOps maturity assessment, define the future state, bring agile ways of working and help the organisation deliver quality at pace by focusing on automation and adoption of DevOps.

We work with Sitecore partners or customers to achieve a common goal – to get Sitecore Commerce right. At AssureX, we plan to resolve the problem of limited Sitecore Commerce development skills by focusing on collaborating with the people with the right skills and training/coaching the developers.

If you have any questions or thoughts to share please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at or head to –

Assure your implementation and book a 30 mins consultation with one of our experts.

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