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Sitecore is world renowned CMS tool and to improve the accessibility, value, and interoperability of the content, they have introduced a tool named Sitecore Cortex Content Tagging. This tool is available from Sitecore 9.1 version and fosters a way to tag the people, products, places, events, etc.  

The Sitecore cortex content tagging feature integrates the Sitecore CMS with a machine learning-based natural language processing(NLP) engine like Refinitiv Intelligent Tagging Open Calais. Sitecore utilizes semantic metadata (which gets generated from NLP) to tag content with user-defined taxonomy.


As the tagging provider permits to use of Open Calasis to tag the content, an Open Calasis account needs to be created. Once the account is confirmed, the Sitecore cortex content tagging can send and receive content from Open Calasis.

To configure the Open Calasis account, subsequent actions need to be executed.

  1. Register a PermID
    • Open the URL in the browser.
    • Click on Register now button provided on the home page.
    • Fill in the form displayed and submit the details.
    • After submission, an email will be received for email verification.
    • Post verification, another email will be received that contains a token for API access.
  2. Create a patch file at the path /App_Config/Include as shown below and update the API access token that is received via email in Sitecore.ContentTagging.OpenCalais.CalaisAccessToken setting.

Content Tagging

Once the setup is accomplished, the next step is to tag the content using Sitecore Cortex Content Tagging.

  1. Open the Content editor and navigate to the item that needs to be tagged.
  2. On the Home ribbon, in the Content Tagging group either click Tag item(for single item) or click Tag item and subitems (if child items also need to be tagged) as displayed below

3. After selecting any one option, a message window with a progress indicator will be shown. This indicates that content tagging is in progress.

4. As soon as, the above window gets closed, the tags need to be verified for the selected item.

5. Select the item in the content editor and go to Tagging section. The semantics field will display the tags. The same has been portrayed below:

To conclude the above discussion, the Sitecore Cortex can be expressed as the brain of CMS which can interpret data and provide intelligent insights about the content. One can perform auto-tagging with this feature.

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